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Kampi ehf.

Company Fact File:


Company address: Sindragata , 400 Ísafjörður

Tel.: +354 450 4000

Fax: +354 450 4019

Email: brynjar@kampi.is

Website: www.kampi.is


Number of employees: 30-35 full-time employees (but 60-65 employees during high season (spring/summer))

Director: Brynjar Ingason

Vessels: 2 prawn trawlers

Species: prawn (shrimp)

Company capital stock: 70 million ISK

Last year turnover: 3 billion ISK


Mission statement:

Kampi’s goal is to create products that fulfil the highest standards of quality for buyers and consumers. Kampi uses only top quality raw materials, whether fresh or frozen prawns, fished locally or imported. Kampi upholds very strict quality control standards throughout the entire operating process. The company has all the necessary licenses for operating a first-class food processing factory and is verified by independent domestic and foreign specialists and agencies.



Kampi was founded in 2007 by Birnir ehf. It is currently owned by Birnir ehf. along with the Icelandic Regional Development Institute, and employees within the organisation.



Kampi specialises in the production and processing of boiled and peeled prawns. The company averages approximately 4,000 tonnes of prawn products annually. The company produces both single frozen and double frozen prawns in the following sizes: 50-150 pc/kg, 125-175 pc/kg, 100-200 pc/kg, 150-250 pc/kg, 200-300 pc/kg, 250-350 pc/kg, 300-500 pc/kg, and 800+ pc/kg. Yet other sizes can be produced upon request.


Main export market:

Kampi exports 95% of its production. Great Britian and the rest of Europe make up the largest market share. The remainder is consumed locally.


Future market:

Kampi is currently investigating potential market growth of the prawn industry in Southern Europe and Scandinavia. If stronger demand from these areas manifests, Kampi will pursue business there.


Quality control:

The company incorporates an HACCP quality control system and abides by regular inspection by designated inspectors.



Kampi currently uses boilers, peeling machinery and cleaning machinery in its production line.



Products are sent to Reykjavík by truck from Ísafjörður. From there they are shipped overseas on ships.



Each new employee undertakes a seminar about the company’s history, production and processes. This builds all employees’ baseline knowledge and promotes introductory experience in their field. Kampi also offers other specialised courses, such as quality control courses and supervisory training.


Working hours: 

Traditionally, employees have worked forty-hour work weeks.  In the last two years, as a result of growing production, the company works on shifts during the high productive period, which is about four to five months during the spring and summer.


Social benefits:

The company organises grill parties and anniversary events on a regular basis for its employees.


Distribution of products:

Kampi uses reputable distribution companies for both sea and land transportation. The biggest distributors are Eimskip and Samskip.



Kampi and its owners have complete ownership of all their facilities.



Kampi is involved in several areas of research for developing better food products and improving processing. The company often collaborates with partners such as Matís and 3X Technology to examine recent developments in the food processing industry.

Kampi is also a member of the following organisations: SA-Confederation of Icelandic Employers, Federation of Icelandic Fish Processing Plants and the Fisheries Cluster of the Westfjords. These organisations form a network of knowledge and regularly share information concerning the latest in seafood processing research.


Public investments:

The company frequently donates to charities such as hospitals, sporting and athletic groups and others. More specific information on company donations can be obtained by contacting Kampi directly.



Company investments currently stand around 60 million ISK. These investments were made for the purchase of new tools and equipment to increase the company’s capabilities and net worth. Kampi has also replaced the factory roof for aesthetic and energy-efficiency purposes. 


Expected growth:

The company has an annual growth rate of 110% over the past three years. The expected revenue for the next three years is 3.5 – 4 billion ISK a year.