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Taste the Westfjords

„Taste the Westfjords“ is a regional development project in Food Tourism. The aim is to promote and increase the visibility of Westfjords‘ top quality food.

The purpose of the project is to foster and build up a progressive cooperation amongst Westfjords‘ companies, food producers, restaurants, shops and tourism agents. Innovation is encouraged and special emphasis is put on product development, motivating new techniques in the production, processing and cooking practices of Westfjords local ingredient and related services.

Restaurants members in „Taste the Westfjords“ ambitiously present each area‘s food specialty, that is specifically labeled with our logo „Vestfirðir – Matur úr héraði – Local food“.

Food producers are highly devoted in producing top quality food items originated from the Westfjords and are also labeled with our logo.

Food stores will in addition offer a broad variety of merchandise from the producers of the „Taste the Westfjords“ project.