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Southern region fact file

Municipalities:  Vesturbyggd and Talknafjordur

Population: Vesturbyggd, Patreksfjörður and Bildudalur with 1024 inhabitants and Talknafjordur municipality with 244 inhabitants (www.hagstofan.is , Jan 2018).

Air transport:  From Reykjavik to Bildudalur airport with Eagle Air www.eagleair.is.

Ocean transport:  The car ferry Baldur goes from Stykkisholmur (172 km from Reykjavik) twice a day during summer and six times a week during winter time to Flokalundur port, Vesturbyggd. The car ferry gives drivers and travelers an option for an easier mode of transport that can be very important in winter conditions. 

Road transport:  400 km from Reykjavik to Patreksfjordur (population. 650).  Reykjavík to Bildudalur (pop. 166), 430 km. Reykjavík to Talknafjordur (pop. 244) 418 km.  The roads are paved apart from a short stretch of gravel road approx. 53 km. Be sure to search for road conditions at the road administration. A tunnel in Dyrafjord leading north to Isafjordur is planned for 2021. 

Ports:  All ports in the southern region are suitable for fishing vessels and leisure boats, sail boats etc. The ports can accommodate ships up to 170 m long with a draught up to 10 m (different conditions are in the three different ports in the towns).  Salmon farms and hatcheries are growing in number and size. Sattelite services around salmon equipment and processing are under construction.  

Energy:  Hydro energy from regional hydro power plants and other hydro plants on the main electrical grid. Back up from diesel generators. 

Water:  Abundant fresh, cold, clean water from small rivers and fountains. 

Geothermal energy: Relatively cold geothermal area with central heating based on electic energy. Some luce-warm water is used in fish farming, and for swimming pools such as in Birkimelur and Talknafjordur, but plenty of small natural hot springs used for natural pools in private or public ownership.

Land and industrial premises:  Industrial premises and land near the ports are available in most towns and some industrial buildings are vacant for lease or purchase. Many houses used in B&B or hosel services. 

General services:  Hospital and general health service, dental service. Grocery and convenience stores, bakery, clothing stores, hairdressers, mechanics, constructors, electrical and mechanical services, computer and internet services, telephone services, divers' service as well as miscellaneous other things.

Business services: Banking, accounting, business consultin at Vestfjarðarstofa, small scale conference facilities and insurance services. Skin products from herbs (Villimey )

Education:  Pre-school, elementary school and high school as well as distance further education. 

Leisure activities:  Swimming, sports halls, horse-riding, golf courses, hiking trails, sea angling, kayaking, natural hot bathing spots, restaurants, bars, documentary cinema festival, museums and innovative exhibitions. Choirs, bands and theatrical work