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Quality of life

The level of service in the region is very good with accessible pre-schools, schools, college and a univeristy centre that offers master’s level studies, musical education, sports and social activities, hospitals and good health care. People in general talk English and many know scandinavian languages. Immigrants are mostly from Polland but also 

Real estate is relatively cheap in the area and the real estate prices can be half of that in Reykjavik.  The real estate prices relate both to residential housing and industrial properties.

An important aspect of the everyday life in the Westfjords is how quick it is to get things done.  Distances are short and services are accessable. There is always a way. Going home for lunch, picking up the children from school, dropping the children off for social activities and getting a doctors or dental appointment can all be done with minimal disruption of the working day.

Leisure activities such as golfing, skiing, swimming, kayaking, indoor sports activities are easily accessed and normally within 5-10 minute drive from the nearest town.