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Northern region fact file

Municipalities:  Isafjordur, Bolungarvik, Sudavik.

Population:  Isafjordur with 3899 inhabitants, Bolungarvik with 970 inhabitants and Sudavik with 202 inhabitants.  This is the largest region of the three sub regions of the Westfjords. (www.hagstofan.is , February 2011)

Air transport:  Twice a day to Reykjavik in the summer time with Air Iceland.

Ocean transport:  No public transport via ocean to other regions.

Road transport:  Approximately 480 km. from Isafjordur to Reykjavik, which is around a 5 hour drive.  There are two major mountain roads that are around 100 km of the total route.  The roads are passable all year round.   The distance to the Strandir/Reykholar region is about 250 km with the same distance to the Southern region (mountain roads impassable in the high winter).

Ports:  Large ports in Isafjordur and Bolungarvik where larger ships can land (up to 80 m long with a draught of 8,5 m).  Sudavik has a smaller port.  All ports are suitable for fishing vessels.

Energy:  Hydro energy from local hydro power plants and other hydro plants on the main electrical grid.

Water:  Abundant clean water.

Geothermal energy:  Relatively cold area with electrical central heating.  Some hot water is used in fish drying production facilities in Sudureyri.

Land and industrial premises:  Industrial premises and land near the port is available and some small scale industrial buildings are vacant for lease or purchase.

General services:  Grocery and convenience stores, bakery, clothing stores, hairdressers, mechanics, constructors, electrical services, mechanical services internet services, telephone services, hospital and dental service.

Business services: Legal, banking, accounting, auditing, engineering, small scale conference facilities and insurance.  

Education:  Pre-school, elementary school, high school and university centre.

Leisure activities:  Skiing, golf, hiking, kayaking, ocean sports, diving, sea angling, other indoor and outdoor sports, cinema, historical museums, art exhibitions, restaurants and bars.