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In the Westfjords there are many opportunities for direct investment.  Key growth opportunities have been identified in aquaculture, open sea fish farming, value added production of seafood, not the least in seaweed and integrated multi trophic aquaculture, sustainable- and nature based tourism.

Westfjords; The Westfjords of Iceland (www.wikipedia.com)

The Westfjords are the region in North West Iceland. As the name implies one of the characteristics of the region are the fjords that open to the West, South and North. They are bathed in warm currents of the Gulf-steam. The region has several unique natural attractions such as Latrabjarg the teaming vertical bird-cliff; a unique and magnificent natural setting where you can literally stand on the edge of Europe. The region has an ancient history of fishing and sustainable farming. It is not densely populated with the 7,300 inhabitants.  The largest municipality is Isafjardarbaer with 3.600 inhabitants and the smallest municipality is Arneshreppur with 46 inhabitants.

Due to distances and the geography of the region there are 3 sub regions:

  •       Northern
  •       Southern
  •       Strandir & Reykholar furthest to the East in the Westfjords