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Supporting entrepreneurs and the economy

 To address economical and entrepreneurial issues various supporting agencies and research institutions are in the region:

      ATVEST – Economic Development Agency, a centre for general and local business knowledge.

      VaxVest – A development agreement to facilitate business clusters and other projects.

      Matis – Research and development institution for the food industry.  The institution has set a focus on fish farming in it is operations in the region.

      Marine research institute - Various marine research and provides the Ministry of Fisheries with scientific advice based on its research on marine resources and the environment.

      Multicultural centre – assist the foreigners in adapting to the community and Icelandic systems.

      University centre of the Westfjords – providing opportunities of higher education

      Westfjords´ Education Centre – An educational centre aimed at providing courses at an intermediate educational level e.g. vocational training, short seminars, leisure courses et cetera.

      Westfjords´ Marketing Agency – supports tourism marketing activities,

      Icelandic Innovation Centre (NMI) – entrepreneurial support.

      FV – Joint lobbying organization for the municipalities in the region.

      Nave -West fjords Natural History institute is a regional institute of natural research.

      Hvetjandi – a regional innovation investment fund.


The above mentioned are examples of the business support activities in the region. These are the ones in most direct connection and can provide valuable insights and work regarding business opportunities and further information on other supporting agencies. To address sub-regional issues development centers have been founded.  These development centers are in Isafjordur, Patreksfjordur and Holmavik.  The largest one is in Isafjordur and the above mentioned agencies have offices in that centre.