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General info


Atvest is the economic development agency for the Westfjords region in Iceland.  The region is a large peninsula in the north western part of Iceland.   The population is around 7.400 and the largest town is Isafjordur with around 4000 inhabitants.  The main characteristics of the region are high mountains and deep fjords (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westfjords). 

As an economic development agency it has several responsibilities in the field of economic and socio-economic issues of the region.  

Atvest works closely with municipalities, research institutes, universities, companies and entrepreneurs in its various projects.  Atvest can provide services and consultancy in fields such as:

  • ·         Business planning and analysis
  • ·         Market planning and analysis
  • ·         Financial planning and analysis
  • ·         Econometric analysis of projects
  • ·         Feasibility studies
  • ·         Strategic planning for firms, industry sectors , municipalities and regions
  • ·         Investment  opportunities
  • ·         Funding and financing for projects
  • ·         Project management for development projects

 The services of Atvest are up to certain limits free of charge