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Project portfolio

  • Vaxvest: An economic growth agreement that is funded by the Ministry of Industry. It focuses on funding development projects that focus on regional cooperation and strengths. Some of the following projects have been funded through Vaxvest.
  • Seafood cluster: A cluster of the major seafood companies in the region that cooperate on issues and projects that can enhance the sector and the region.
  • Cod farming cluster: 80% of the cod farming in Iceland is based in the region and the farmers cooperate on projects to strengthen the sector.
  • Mussel farming cluster: The region has abundant fjords that are suitable for mussel farming and the farmers work together in this initiative to build up a mussel industry in the Westfjords.
  • Breidarfjardarflettan: Is a sub regional tourism cluster focussing on our strengths regarding the popular Latrabjarg cliffs and the charming southern region of the Westfjords.
  • Vatnavinir: Is a cluster focussing on health tourism and natural hot bathing springs that can be found in the region.
  • Veisla ad Vestan: is a project focussed on promoting the delicious produce of the region and aims at product development of even more treats for the local and tourist market.
  • Westfjords marketing agency: We work with the marketing of the region through the board of the agency.
  • Fraedslumidstod Vestfjarda (FRMST): We work on vocational training and seminars through the board of FRMST.
  • Westfjords university centre: We work on expanding higher education through minor ownership and projects with the local university centre.
  • Lobbyism: In cooperation with our major shareholder,  The Association Of Municipalities Of The Westfjords (FSV) we lobby for better conditions regarding infrastructure and competitive advantage.
  • Economic policy: We consult regional policy makers at the municipal and governmental level on issues regarding economic policies.
  • Entrepreneurs and innovation: We have over 100 clients on an annual basis that require assistance in business start ups, restructuring, marketing, financing, grant application and other general issues.