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Atvest Purpose

The agency is run in accordance to an agreement with the Rural Institute of Iceland Byggdastofnun (www.byggdastofnun.is) to enhance the region’s economy and society.  In that agreement the following goals and purposes are set and Atvest:

  • Participates in and takes an initiative regarding the economic policy of the region.
  • Is proactive regarding the search of new business and investment opportunities for the region.
  • Implements and promotes R&D projects that can increase job creation in the region.
  • Assists firms, individuals, municipalities, organizations and institutions in exploring new business opportunities.
  • Provides business consultancy to firms and individuals, regarding product development, financing, marketing and general management.
  • Initiates, promotes and enhances industry driven cooperation.
  • A contact between technological and support services to industries or agents within the regional economy.
  • Disseminates information regarding technology, management and financing and assists in grant and loan applications
  • Promotes increased professionalism and better management with seminars and conferences.

The services of Atvest are up to certain limits free of charge.